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what we DO

To put it simply...we help your church educational program thrive. Our workshop is designed with you in mind. Paying special attention to curriculum, teaching methods, and resource material, we show you how to make your children's Bible classes and adult learning communities become a greenhouse for learning, growth, and discipleship. Whether you need to polish an existing program, or start one from scratch, we are here to help! 

Example Training Schedule (adapted to suit your needs):


Saturday Morning:

Session 1: Children's Education w/ Katie (1:20 hr)

     Theory, strategy, and vision
Session 2: Children's Education w/ Katie (1:20 hr)

     Teaching practices and classroom management


Lunch Break


Saturday Afternoon:

Session 3: Adult Bible Classes w/ Nathan (50 min)

     The "Who": Considering the audience you want

Session 4: Adult Bible Classes w/ Nathan (50 min)

     The "What": Crafting the message you intend

Session 5: Adult Bible Classes w/ Nathan (50 min)

     The "How": Creating the class experience you desire




Session 6: Resources & Vision w/ Katie & Nathan (30 min)

     Putting the Pieces Together: The Big Picture

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