Frequently asked questions

How is your workshop different?

As a husband & wife team, we offer a unique two-part perspective by trained educators. Katie is an elementary & middle-school teacher and interventionist; Nathan is a college professor specializing in theology and biblical studies. We both have graduate degrees in our fields, and put our studies and skills into practice as full-time educators as well as church ministry staff. Our training provides churches and teachers with help for every stage: choosing the right curriculum, setting up & managing the classroom, expanding resources, implementing best practices for teaching, and creating a long-term vision. Our hands-on workshop provides support for your entire church education program.

What is the cost for this training?

We recommend that each church offer the training for free to all church leaders, members, and other interested people coming to the training. For the hosting church, there is a basic fee plus lodging and travel expenses. However, we want to share this training with every church, and do not want finances to be a barrier. So let us know your needs and situation and we are happy to work with you.

How long is the workshop, and what will we learn?

We typically offer a one-day, hands-on training workshop on Saturday. This two-part training involves 5 sessions (lasting 50-80 minutes each): two by Katie on children's education and three by Nathan on teaching adults. A church may decide to arrange the sessions as they please (and we can adapt to your needs). Here are some areas we cover: * Children's teaching: best practices * Children's classroom management * Children's curriculum: selection, design, and implementation * Children's education vision-casting * Teaching Adults: Knowing your audience * Teaching Adults: The right message for the right audience at the right time * Teaching Adults: Envisioning and offering clear, creative content * Teaching Adults: Helpful resources & preparation techniques * Teaching Adults: Presentation strategies * Teaching Adults; vision-casting

Will you be trying to sell me something?

What a great question! The answer is...NO! Rest assured this is not an infomercial. We do not bring any books to purchase, have any endorsement deals, or work with any curriculum partners. Our primary purpose is to train you how to be better teachers and how to have a more intentional and effective education program. When it comes to resources, our goal is to put tools in your toolbox that empower you to determine what curriculum and resources best fit your church needs.

Is this training really practical?

Yes! You will be able to immediately apply practical principles to any class you currently teach, or any program you currently run. We aim to provide a deep and rich experience that immerses you in theory AND practice, to help your church education program thrive in the short term as well as in the long run.

Is your workshop based on the Bible or current education theory?

We are excited to say the answer is...YES! As ministry staff members, we developed our Bible-based program with the gospel and discipleship in mind, and are not ashamed of our ultimate goal. As professional educators, we also include hands-on training that utilizes up-to-date methods and best practices to make the most of your educational goals.