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If you would like to book us for a weekend workshop, or would like more information, please send us a message below. We would love to get to know you! Teaching is our passion--let us share it with you.

Example Training Schedule (adapted to suit your needs):


Session 1: Children's Education w/ Katie (1:20 hr)

     Theory, strategy, and vision
Session 2: Children's Education w/ Katie (1:20 hr)

     Teaching practices and classroom management

Lunch Break


Session 3: Teaching Adults w/ Nathan (50 min)

     The "Who": Considering the audience you want

Session 4: Teaching Adults w/ Nathan (50 min)

     The "What": Crafting the message you intend

Session 5: Teaching Adults w/ Nathan (50 min)

     The "How": Creating the class experience you desire


Session 6: Resources & Vision w/ Katie & Nathan (30 min)

     Putting the Pieces Together: The Big Picture

Still Have Questions?
Resources we provide

* Training manual

* Sample lesson plans

* Instructional supports

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