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Hello, and welcome to our website! We are Nathan & Katie Guy, and we are excited to talk about our new interactive workshop. We are here to help your church dream big and accomplish more when it comes to education.

Nathan has a calling for ministry. He loves his professional role as President of Mars Hill Bible School (Florence, AL), and was for 13 years a Bible professor at Harding University (Searcy, AR).

Katie has a deep love for both children and education, so her job as an elementary & middle school dyslexia interventionist is a perfect fit. She also has been able to share her passion for education in a church setting as a children's education facilitator.

Who We Are

what we do

To put it simply...we help your church educational program thrive. Our training program is designed with you in mind. Paying special attention to curriculum, teaching methods, and resource material, we show you how to make your children's Bible classes and adult learning communities become a greenhouse for learning, growth, and discipleship. Whether you need to polish an existing program, or start one from scratch, we are here to help! 

what others are saying

"I feel very convicted and inspired to pour more into the classes I teach! If your church is looking for a workshop for Bible class teachers these Guys would be a great choice!" 

Matt Love, Preaching Minister,

Beebe Church of Christ (Beebe AR)

What We Do

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